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Tektronix Showcases Quality Assurance and Test Solutions from Creation to Delivery for Next Generation Video Networks at IBC Hall 5
From Quality Assurance for Cloud and Virtual Workflows to Full 25G SMPTE ST 2110 and HDR/WCG Support, Tektronix Enables the Future of Media Test

BEAVERTON, Ore., Sept. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Tektronix, Inc., an industry-leading innovator of media test, monitoring and diagnostics solutions, is at the forefront of the changes and trends impacting the broadcast industry and will be exhibiting at IBC2018 in a new location in Hall 5.A73. In addition to the compelling demonstrations and talks one expects at the Tektronix stand, a range of Tektronix equipment will also be in use in nearly a dozen partner stands across the show floor.

Tektronix delivers the monitoring solutions the production, post-production, and content distribution industry needs to keep pace. This year at IBC, Tektronix is demonstrating numerous new capabilities and enhancements vital to its customers as they attempt to absorb and implement new standards like SMPTE ST 2110, become more efficient at producing HDR content, or roll out new streaming live/VOD and OTT services.

"As IBC Show attendees will be able to see first-hand, we're delivering the monitoring solutions the production, post-production, and content distribution industry needs to keep pace," said Charlie Dunn general manager, Video Product Line, Tektronix. "This year, we're demonstrating numerous new capabilities and enhancements vital to our customers as they attempt to absorb and implement new standards like SMPTE ST 2110, become more efficient at producing HDR content, or roll out new streaming live/VOD and OTT services."   

Tektronix has made multiple enhancements to its wide portfolio of solutions and continues to strengthen its relationships with others in the industry. For more information on these enhancements and partnerships, read below!

fuboTV Streams with Confidence with the Use of the Tektronix Sentry Product Line

Working with the hypercompetitive multichannel video programming distributer (MVPD) space as a disruptive OTT provider means subscriber retention is critical. Month-to-month contracts, no requirement on hardware rentals, and constantly updated offerings from competitors necessitate the need for high-quality performance and delivery of your feed at all times. That's why fuboTV relies on Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring from Tektronix solutions. Sentry simplifies monitoring across today's complex environments by offering visibility into streaming content quality along with in-depth analysis and compliance reporting for OTT/multiscreen services with global scalability.

"Pushing cutting-edge content to our customers is huge for us," said Billy Romero, Video Engineering and Operations Manager at fuboTV. "That's where Tektronix comes into play. As we moved into the 4K HDR10 level of broadcasting we used Sentry to evaluate exactly what we're offering to customers. It's just so versatile. We've actually used it not only to analyze the QoE of our service, but also the CDN performance overall." See full press release.

Enhanced Cloud Video Stream Solutions, PQA, Dynamic Ad Insertion and HDR Support

As cloud-based streaming is shifting towards mass consumption, Tektronix offers enhanced live and VOD cloud video monitoring solutions with Aurora and Sentry. These enhancements give providers essential visibility and control to reduce the risk of a poor customer experience or worse, churn. Aurora file-based QC system supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) workflows and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for deployment in cloud based workflows, and can now be used to validate 4K-HDR content, an increasingly important component of streamed video. To help operators to scale costs as they evolve, Tektronix has introduced new cloud based pricing options that include subscription based pricing per stream and on-demand options for live and VOD quality assurance.

With TekMOS, Sentry now provides picture quality ratings that closely correlate to the viewers experience. TekMOS, uses machine learning techniques in a non-reference picture quality analysis algorithm that can be run on multiple streams concurrently. It generates a Mean Opinion Score (MOS) for the content along with reasons for not achieving a perfect score. This reduces the guess work involved in diagnosis and enables quick and effective corrective action. TekMOS scores can be viewed through graphical displays or extracted using an API.

Sentry ABR includes CMAF support– An ABR standard that allows streaming providers to encode their HLS and Dash media in one common format vs multiple formats. CMAF greatly reduces the number of streaming variations needed to deliver services. Sentry ABR also provides dynamic ad insertion analysis with programmatic control for OTT streaming. This feature ensures ads are correctly placed within the ABR stream and play back with the same quality as other content. See full press release.

IP Tools for Hybrid Environments and Next Generation Workflows

Over the past year, Tektronix has expanded its PRISM hybrid IP/SDI monitoring line with the addition of a 10G operations unit, integrated audio, and dual-screen extension capabilities, as well as a 25G upgrade path for all PRISM products. The PRISM platform now boasts comprehensive monitoring capabilities across both operations and engineering workflows and arrives packed with familiar editing and live production features like Waveform, Vector, and Diamond.

Tektronix continues to see increasing demand for tools to help TV broadcasters implement IP networks. To support this transition, Tektronix will now, as standard, include all the necessary connectivity needed for SMPTE ST 2022-6/7, ST 2110, and PTP (ST 2059) on the latest additions to the Tektronix PRISM family. PRISM is an industry-leading Media analysis instrument and toolset that allows customers to easily identify, select and analyze content carried in multiple IP streams, ensure presence of PTP messages, quickly debug IP systems in hybrid environments, and perform multiple quality and timing checks. See full press release.

Partners Tap Tektronix at IBC

In addition to the full slate of activities in its own stand, Tektronix equipment will be found throughout the show floor in partner and customer stands where it will be shown in action supporting a range of cutting edge demonstrations.

  • Tektronix PRISM and SPG8000A products are core T&M components in the AIMS IP Showcase and IP Showcase Theater at IBC 2018. The PRISM measurement unit and the SPG8000A, a Sync Pulse Generator supporting PTP, will be used in multiple locations, providing various support functions for the entire exhibit.

  • In the Arista stand (8.E30), a Tektronix SPG8000A with PTP will be used to distribute time synchronization across a 2059-2 network, along with a Tektronix Prism to monitor media flows across the network. Arista and Tektronix are working together to provide highly scalable and resilient PTP networks either in boundary clock or transparent clock configurations for the broadcast and high transaction rate trading industries.

  • Over at the Evertz stand (1.D31 , 1.F29), PRISM will be part of a larger Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) solution and provides test and measurement support for an ST 2110 IP network. Evertz will also be using AMWA IS-04 and IS-05 to register, discover, and control ST 2110 flows to PRISM using Evertz' MAGNUM, an SDVN orchestration system.

  • At the EVS stand (8.B90), EVS and Tektronix will use the SMPTE standards and AIMS supported protocols to execute an IP routed stand showcasing all their latest products and solutions. EVS SCORE MASTER will be used for orchestration and routing on the IP network for which the Tektronix SPG8000A will provide PTP timing.

  • Imagine Communications in stand 4.A01, is relying on the Tektronix SPG8000A to provide PTP timing for live demonstrations of hybrid SDI/IP workflows across its playout, graphics, routing, processing, control and multiviewer solutions. Imagine is also using a PRISM to illustrate that all SMPTE ST 2022 and 2110 signal flows featured in the Imagine stand are compliant with industry specifications.

  • In the Nevion stand (1.B71), will feature a live demo built around a simple but real spine-leaf IP SDN (Software Defined Network) under the control of the Nevion VideoIPath orchestration platform.  The Tektronix PRISM media analysis platform will be connected as a shared resource to monitor any 2022-6 or 2110 IP streams that exist in the network.

  • In the Pebble Beach Systems stand (8.B68), they have assembled a ST2110 workflow with a variety of vendors such as AJA, Arista, Embrionix, NewTek, Tektronix and Vizrt. The SPG8000A will provide the PTP timing and synchronization across the network devices and the PRISM will be used to monitor the variety of media flows across the network.

  • At Harmonic Inc., stand 1.B20, the Tektronix SPG8000A will be featured in Harmonic's SMPTE ST 2110 all IP news studio production interoperability demonstration at IBC2018.  The Tektronix SPG8000A will be the Grandmaster clock providing PTP based timing in accordance with SMPTE ST 2059, enabling the synchronization of SMPTE ST 2110-20 flows used in the demonstration.

  • Sony (stand 13.A10, 15.MS44) will be using a Tektronix SPG8000A as the PTP Grandmaster for Sony IP live system.

  • Cisco (stand 1.A71) is utilizing the SPG8000A Master Clock for PTP synchronization across the Cisco IP Fabric for Media with support for SMPTE2059, AES67 and default profiles. Tektronix PRISM is also being showcased at the Cisco stand to provide visibility and management of the IP workflows in addition to quality analysis of the uncompressed video streams.

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