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Marquise Technologies to launch ICE, the reference player for IMF, DCP and many other formats in a new desktop version

August 13, 2015

Geneva, Switzerland - Marquise Technologies announced today a revolutionary version of ICE (for Image Control Engine) able to playback in real-time and QC industry standards on regular desktop systems, including 4K 60 FPS.

As a reference player, ICE offers unrivalled tools to monitor media on any kind of display (computer display, reference monitor or DCI projector). An exhaustive NLE timeline with display of video, audio and subtitle tracks, markers and reels give full view of the content. Frame rate accuracy and synchronized audio are guaranteed by the SDI output capabilities. Histogram, waveform, and vectorscope are also part of the toolbox for color information analysis (including a diagram view of the color spaces for REC 709, REC2020 and ACES). On the audio side, a full set of meters allow Loudness measurement (EBU R128) and peak control. Subtitle checking is made easy with the display of text lines and spotting list metadata including fade in/out and a list of font and styles.

The most advanced player for IMF, DCP
These formats have a high level of complexity in their packages, ICE offers a clear interface to pick the desired Composition Play List and plays it instantly, no matter if it is a supplementary package or if there are multiple CPLs or PKLs. Extensive metadata are also displayed for an immediate understanding of the content. Compliance with standards is checked with a validation process with more than 50 tests on each package, and the result is available as a PDF report. JPEG2000 decoding uses a high quality codec utilizing the GPU, allowing real-time play back up to 4K 60 p for encrypted DCP and up to UHD with high bit rate encoding for IMF.

Extensive format support
Because content needs to be controlled at every stage in the workflow, ICE supports a full range of RAW data and many mezzanine formats, including AS-11 DPP, ProRes 444, Avid DNxHD 444, or XDCAM. When available, metadata for these formats are also displayed for the ease of monitoring.

With this new desktop version, ICE fulfills the needs of many post-production facilities: affordable licensing (per seat or per site), combined with lower hardware requirements allow them to turn any editing room in a screening room when needed. Dubbing studios can also use ICE in their existing infrastructure, and sync it with their audio devices using RS422 protocol.
For content owners, ICE offers viewing conditions equal to the final destination and allows non-technical staff to easily play back and review final deliverables.

"This new version of ICE is the answer to many requests we have had from the industry: an easy to deploy software solution covering the complex needs of today and tomorrow's workflows. With the advent of IMF, H265 and UHDTV, accompanied by well-known standards for Digital Cinema and the challenge of new digital camera file formats, facilities need a single player to use as reference for playing back media from SD to 4K without prior ingest or transcoding. ICE is the perfect Reference Player for any facility, post, broadcast and production company." says Laurence Stoll, CEO at Marquise Technologies.

ICE is already available in a watermarked demo version for testing its numerous features, and will be available for purchase for IBC.

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Marquise Technologies designs state-of-the-art solutions for the digital cinema post-production, the broadcast industry and the OTT' service providers. The company addresses post-production facilities and digital film labs and provides them with high-end solutions for image processing, data conforming, color grading, mastering and transcoding for Digital Cinema & UHDTV.

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