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Mobile Viewpoint and Connected IP join forces and introduce a complete portfolio for the live streaming market

Today Mobile Viewpoint, market leader in wireless 3G/4G communications, announced the cooperation with Connected IP, which bonds the Connected IP streaming services with bonded transmitters. Mobile Viewpoint recognized a huge demand for affordable bonded encoders streaming directly to Facebook and other Social media. At IBC Connected IP will introduce two dedicated transmitters and the LinkMatrix, a management platform managing live streaming to different Social media at the same time and remote management of your Link-transmitters. The new transmitters SkyLink and QuaddroLink complete the existing portfolio of software encoders running on Mac Books, Android and iPhones. The SkyLink is a cross over between a bonded transmitter and an advanced action cam having batteries and a whole set of sensors including acceleration, Gyro and location but also has support for heartbeat sensors and two-way audio. The SkyLink can be mounted on a drone to deliver live Video also when it is flying remote programmed patterns or on an athlete combining live streaming with performance data.

Quote Michel Bais, managing director of Mobile Viewpoint
Mobile Viewpoint Managing Director Michel Bais said, “Although streaming is by default long delay, adaptive encoding and bonding of multiple connections is still required to insure a good quality video. Major drawback of Live streaming on free platforms is still the relatively low bandwidth compared to live TV. This puts even higher demands on the quality of the encoded video which is one of Mobile Viewpoint unique selling points. Bonding together the Connected IP Sim cards and connection services with Mobile Viewpoint technology created a unique set of Link devices and a whole new service platform.

On Connected IP
Connected IP is active in the streaming market offering a platform to connect Android, iPhone and Macbook apps directly to Social media like Facebook and Youtube. Next to streaming services Connected IP offers Roaming Sim card services around the world including a management portal for detailed management for customers having different packages.

On Mobile Viewpoint
Mobile Viewpoint is a global player, focusing on the development and implementation of solutions for both the broadcast and security industries. Based on their H.264 and now H.265 HEVC codec implementations, combined with patented technology, allowing for HD video to be transmitted over bonded IP connections. Customers include major broadcasters, such as BBC, Al-Arabiya, Sky Sports News, NBC Sports.

Come and meet us at IBC in Amsterdam in hall 14 at booth F.21.