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VITEC to Unveil Completely Portable IP Streaming Solution for HEVC/H.265 Video at IBC
IBC 2015 will host VITEC’s Demo of HEVC Portable Deccoder, with MGW Ace Encoder and IPTV Solutions for Broadcasting Sports and Entertainment Venues at Booth 7.G16

Sunnyvale, CA USA: (August 11, 2015) – VITEC, a worldwide leading provider of powerful digital video solutions, invites you to visit VITEC Booth 7.G16 to see a live demo of the industry’s only completely portable IP streaming solution for HEVC/H.265 video September 11th-15th 2015 at RAI Amsterdam.

See live demonstrations of our innovative, advanced video products, featuring:

MGW Ace - The First Portable HEVC Encoder: At IBC2015, VITEC will be demonstrating its innovative MGW Ace HEVC Encoder, the industry’s first 100-percent hardware-based HEVC/H.265 portable streaming appliance. MGW Ace brings the power of HEVC compression into the field with a small footprint, power efficient appliance that delivers broadcast quality low latency streams at up to half the bandwidth utilization of legacy H.264 solutions. Equipped with a wide selection of I/Os MGW Ace is the answer for any video broadcast and contribution requirement within settings such as live news broadcasts, sports venues, or government and  military video applications . Advanced features include Zixi™ Error Correction technology and KLV/STANAG metadata processing for ISR missions.

MGW D265 Portable HEVC Decoder: Also being shown for the first time at IBC is VITEC’s portable HEVC decoding appliance, MGW D265. The broadcast-grade IP decoding appliance decodes real-time HEVC/H.265 streams anywhere, anytime. The appliance features a rugged portable design suitable for field use or stationary applications. With backward compatibility for legacy MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 H.264 IP streams – the MGW D265 can be used to receive streams from VITEC’s HEVC encoder or as standalone decoder for any IPTV or Full-Motion-Video application. Powered by the Zixi™ technology for both HEVC and H.264 – MGW D265 assures error-free playout of IPTV streams over public networks.

EZ TV IPTV System: At IBC2015, VITEC will be showcasing its award-winning EZ TV IPTV system, which allows any facility to deliver live, on-demand, or recorded video over their existing IP infrastructure. Using the EZ TV Web Portal, administrators can easily create, manage, and distribute video assets while the solution’s browser-based EZ TV Player uses the market’s most flexible digital video codec to offer CPU-efficient quality playback of IPTV streams across networks. Now equipped with a new add-on for IPTV settings, the solution easily complements any IPTV deployment with quality and compliance dashboards, as well as instant alerts — ensuring all video, audio, and metadata services are delivered reliably to users.

Focus FS-H50/60/70 — Portable Proxy Recorders: Ideal for sporting events, breaking news, dailies, meeting and training, surveillance, and online video sharing, the VITEC Focus FS-H50/60/70 are versatile, portable H.264 standard and HD recorders for workflows and applications requiring superior video quality and optimized video file size. With a resolution range up to 1080p30 and bit rates up to 8 Mb/s, the three models include composite and analog audio inputs, an HDMI input, and an HD/SD-SDI input, respectively.


Proxsys PX-Series Media Logistics and Archiving Solution: The Proxsys PX-Series Media Server system enables organizations to ingest, archive, and share valuable media assets efficiently and securely, both within an organization and with credentialed third parties. Within a smooth, user-friendly workflow, the Proxsys PX-Series provides the functionality and features required to safeguard high- and low-resolution video as well as images, audio, and typical “office” files such as word documents, pdf’s, spreadsheets and more. At IBC2015, Proxsys V.8 will be unveiled featuring a new Proxsys Custom User Interface (CUI). In V.8 it will now be possible to integrate the full Proxsys functionality onto a customer’s Website, creating a seamless workflow with a familiar look and feel compatible with the customer’s corporate identity.

Extensor SDI4Mosaic 4K Mosaic Generator: The Extensor SDI4Mosaic is the simplest way to connect up to four SDI feeds on a single mosaic display. SDI4Mosaic converts a 4K HD-SDI video source to a standard HDMI monitor. SDI4Mosaic automatically creates a mosaic of up to four video channels and displays on compatible monitors. It also allows the comparison of two video channels and displays them in various layouts. The OSD Status gives all status information super-imposed directly on the video output signal.

MGW Sprint and MGW Portable Encoders — Zero-Delay Streaming: VITEC’s video innovations will also be shown with a live demo of its MGW Sprint - the world’s fastest MPEG-4 H.264 HD encoder/decoder appliance. With the ability to encode, stream and decode HD content up to 1080p06 in under 1 frame of latency , the professional-grade IPTV device enables IP delivery of the most complex imagery point-to-point (unicast) or point-to-multipoint (multicast) — with Delano visible delay glass-to-glass matching the latency of any hardwired uncompressed video system. Also on display will be VITEC’s full line of MGW portable encoders including Premium, Nano, Nano TOUGH, and Pico, all of which now support Zixi error-correction technology.

“At VITEC, we are constantly striving to give our customers the highest quality, cutting-edge IP digital video solutions, from encoding and streaming to media logistics. This IBC, we will be demonstrating our newest portable encoding, IPTV, and decoding solutions — featuring the multi-award-winning MGW Ace portable HEVC encoder and its counterpart the MGW D265 IP decoder,” said Philippe Wetzel, CEO of VITEC. “Visit our booth for a live demo of the industry’s only completely portable IP streaming solution for HEVC/H.265 video.”


VITEC is a worldwide leading provider of innovative digital video products that support end-to-end media solutions for broadcast, military, medical, education, enterprise, house of worship, telco, government, transportation, sports and entertainment customers. VITEC’s professional-grade video technologies have changed the landscape of how video is processed and delivered around the world and drive many of the major video services in key vertical markets. For more information, visit

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