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SK Planet expands global services for cloud-based solution 'RB cloud'

- RB cloud VCS, a cloud-based solution by SK Planet, undergoes a complete overhaul to provide a flashy UI and a new customer-experience

- 95% of South Korea set-top devices applied and plans to target global PAY TV and OTT markets this year

SEOUL, South Korea, July 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- SK Planet (CEO Lee announced the expansion of global services for the cloud-based solution 'RB cloud VCS' targeting the global PAY TV and OTT markets.

The 'RB Cloud' solution is a high-performance application virtualization service that caters to a diverse range of devices, including set-top boxes, smart TVs, OTT platforms, AR glasses, and VR head-mounted displays. Notably, this innovative solution delivers dynamic services with seamless UI support across various device types. Moreover, the service is characterized by a centralized management feature that significantly enhances system distribution and update efficiency. Praised as a flagship technology of the next generation, the cloud-based UI surpasses the pre-existing native UI or web UI technologies by offering advanced functionalities compared to its predecessors.

In December 2023, SK Planet proudly introduced the next-generation VCS (Video Cloud Streaming) UI/UX featuring a variety of 3D effects and enhanced motion capabilities to SK Broadband, marking an industry-first milestone. This upgrade significantly boosted customer satisfaction by creating a flawless service environment conducive to AI implementation and hyper-personalization technologies across all TV platforms, irrespective of set-top box performance. The new VCS implementation resulted in remarkable 2.6-fold increase in menu navigation speed and up to an 8-fold increase in vertical movement speed, delivering users an unparalleled premium content experience with enhanced interaction, response speed, and stunning 3D motion visualization.

Additionally, leveraging AI curation technology, customized hyper-personalized services like tailored content recommendations, viewing history tracking, and seamless shopping integration have been made available.

SK Planet is actively collaborating with international PAY TV operators to customize its cloud-based UI solution for different global regions, with plans underway for commercial launches in Europe and India. The company is scheduled to showcase its cutting-edge technology at the upcoming IBC exhibition in the Netherlands in September 2024, accompanied by a technology briefing session for prospective overseas clients.

In the future, SK Planet plans to expand its clientele to include Smart TVs and to upgrade its products with added AI functionalities.

"Our RB Cloud's VCS technology streamlines innovation, representing a secure and efficient solution towards operation" emphasized the head of SK Planet's Media Solutions Business Group. "The technology has garnered widespread acclaim for its ability to support a diverse range of applications without replacing the box for PAY TV operators previously hampered by box performance limitations," he added.

Previously, in 2014, SK Planet released the cloud-based screen virtualization technology media solution 'RB cloud,' which performs all computations on the server, supplying it to IPTV, satellite, and cable companies. Currently, this technology is applied to 95% of South Korea set-top devices.


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